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Our Philosophy

Do you ever feel that you need a more personalized massage therapy treatment?  Navigating the path of finding the right Massage Practitioner that is genuinely passionate and progressively knowledgeable isn’t always easy.  We invite you to come experience and enjoy how Magnolia Kinetics can contribute to your success of living a good life.

At Magnolia Kinetics, each massage therapy session is tailored to your evolving goals.  Modalities and specialized techniques that range from gentle relaxation to various forms of medical therapy are used, along with continued evaluations and suggested home therapy guidance, while supporting your goals with a nurturing approach.  Magnolia Kinetics has almost 20 years of skilled experience and works with clients of various needs, including Professional Athletes/Musicians/Fine Arts Performers, Weekend Warriors, Pre-Natal, Pediatric, Older Adults, Geriatric, Nursing Care, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Handicapped, Medical Patients and clients working to get back in shape with a healthier lifestyle and prevent injuries.  Contact us for a consultation or appointment to allow the art of a well-balanced massage become an asset to your life!

Our team works with area physicians as part of Geriatric, Home Health, Rheumatology, Physical Therapy, Pain Management, Orthopedic, Neurology, and Chiropractic programs, helping clients significantly improve the quality of their lives with a nurturing approach.  Full body evaluations of clients’ muscular conditions are part of our foundation that fosters therapeutic awareness of the clients’ needs in order to help them reach their goals for each session.  These understandings, along with realistic home therapy suggestions, are key components required to form personalized treatments for each session that will result in optimal Massage Therapy benefits.

These benefits include Flushing Toxins, Nourishing your Body, Recharging your Spirit, Stimulating Healthy Circulation,

Increasing Flexibility & Range of Motion, Stimulating & Releasing Skeletal Muscles & Trigger Points, Increasing Muscular Support, Restoring Balance, Easing Sore Muscles, Speeding Up Recovery, Releasing Problematic Areas, Lymphatic Drainage and Injury Prevention.

Licensed with the Louisiana Board of Massage Therapy, National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, and the American Massage Therapy Association.  Specialized Massage Practitioners trained in Medical Massage, Clinical Massage, Adaptations for Special Populations, Older Adults, Geriatric, Oncology, Pharmacology, Lymphatic Drainage, Medical Deep Tissue, Sports Injuries, Integrated Neuromuscular Therapy, Neuromuscular Re-education, Muscular Pain Syndromes and Pre-Natal Massage.

Katy Trumble, Owner/Founder of Magnolia Kinetics

Katy Trumble, Owner/Founder of Magnolia Kinetics

A New Orleans native, Katy is a Nationally Board Certified and Louisiana State Licensed Massage Therapy Practitioner, who is trained in specialties such as Geriatric, Special Populations, Pain, Sports, and Neuromuscular Massage Therapy.  With almost 20 years of specialized experience, Katy is an expert in the field and is passionate about her work and clients.  Katy is committed to safe, ethical practice and excellence as a healthcare provider.  She works with clients of various needs, including Older Adults, Geriatric, Handicapped, Medical, and Prenatal clients, as well as Weekend Warriors and Professional Athletes, Musicians, Fine Arts Performers, and anyone working toward a healthier lifestyle.  Katy and her team are exited to share their passion for the many benefits of Massage Therapy.